VennMaker 2.0.3

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For Linux, Mac OS X or Windows: Download VennMaker (zip archiv)


  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to your computer.
  2. Open the VennMaker folder and start VennMaker: If you use Windows: execute vennmaker-windows.exe. If you use an other operation system: start  vennmaker.jar (from the terminal or console: java -jar vennmaker.jar)

To start VennMaker, you need the current version of Java.

Tutorials and handbook: documents.

Source code: github


To cite VennMaker please use the following publication:

Gamper, M., Schönhuth, M., & Kronenwett, M. (2012). Bringing qualitative and quantitative data together: Collecting network data with the help of the software tool VennMaker. In Social networking and community behavior modeling: Qualitative and quantitative measures (pp. 193-213). IGI Global.


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VennMaker 2.0.1:

Bug fix:

  • Namegenerator: Number of max. allowed alteri: calculation changed
  • Nameinterpreter: radiobox table scrolling problem fixed
  • Config dialog: sector and circle attribute list contains an empty row: fixed
  • Filter in interview mode fixed
  • Small font size bug: VennMaker Menu font size can be changed in Free network drawing mode > menu: About > Set global font size


VennMaker 2.0.0:

Bug fix: Null pointer exceptions

VennMaker: Full version is now for free


VennMaker 1.5.9:

Bug fix:

  • CSV export: When a malformed attribute was used, then the export did not work.


VennMaker 1.5.8:

Bug fix:

  • Configuration: Relation visualization: Adding relational attribute values can cause an error
  • Configuration: Reopend config dialog: changed sector sizes will not displayed again


VennMaker 1.5.7:

Bug fix:

  • Configuration dialog: Sector attribute values could not be changed correctly


VennMaker 1.5.6:

Bug fix:

  • Template loading: Sometimes the relation color, thickness or pattern could not be loaded


VennMaker 1.5.5:

Bug fixing:

  • Configuration dialog: Sometimes the relation color, thickness or pattern could not be changed


VennMaker 1.5.4:

Bug fixing:

  • Configuration dialog: Null pointer exceptions fixed


VennMaker 1.5.3:

Bug fixing:

  • Interview mode: Ego questions:  If long answer text were used, it happend that the text were not shown.


VennMaker 1.5.2:

Bug fixing:

  • Configuration: If the attribute values of an attributsymbol attribut was deleted, an error occurred sometimes.
  • VennMaker Hist Modul: Creating relations with the relation dialog produced an error message.

VennMaker 1.5.1:

Bug fixing:

  • Interview element: Some elements didn’t correctly display some characters (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic or Chinese)

VennMaker 1.5.0:

Bug fixing:

  • Relation group data export as csv matrix file: sometimes the matrix was defect
  • Config dialog: removing attributes caused sometime an error messages.

New features:

  • Add new functions with the help of modules
  • Example: add geographical maps and coordinates (latitude/longitude) via plugin

VennMaker 1.4.0:

Bug fixing:

  • Relation color adjustment problem fixed
  • Interview dialog: some display errors fixed
  • Adding existing actors in a cloned network map causing somtimes an error
  • Compute dialog: missing calculation of the frequency of actors per sector and concentric circles repaired.

New features:

  • Automatically adding actor to the related sector and concentric circle
  • Image export (jpg/png/svg) improved

VennMaker 1.3.6:

Bug fix:

  • Configuration dialog contains some bugs
  • Digital questionnaire contains some bugs

New features:

  • Save URLs in free answer attributes and open the URLs directly in the browser
  • Legend: single visual elements can be shown or hidden

VennMaker 1.3.5:

Bug fix:

  • Actor Pie: sometimes the attribute was wrong
  • Export: Proximity prestige: sometimes the results was wrong
  • Clone network dialog: cancel button did not function correctly
  • Interview element: relation: Some modifications did not function correctly
  • Sometimes VennMaker did not start
  • Filter: Some error occures depending on the filter setting
  • Sometimes the templates did not load correctly

New features:

  • Interview element: a global minium number of alteri can be defined
  • Interview element: a global maximum number of alteri can be defined
  • Interview element: switch to network and auto draw element: VennMaker automatically draw the network after automatically switching to the network map
  • Compute dialog: the frequency of all relational and categorical attribute values will be computed now
  • Error dialog: Contains a additional input field for writing additional error descriptions for the software developer
  • The network visualizing time increased
  • Two additional mouse cursor symbols: one for „draw actor“ and one for „draw relation“

VennMaker 1.3.2:

Bug fix:

  • Modifying the relational attribute values had no effect on the relation color, thickness or dashing
  • Creating network maps with the same names
  • Time measurment for the interview mode implemented

VennMaker 1.3.1:

Bug fix:

  • The switch between the questionnaire items did not work correctly.

VennMaker 1.3.0

  • New features: displaying relational attributes and values as line labeling or tool tip new questionnaire mode:
  • different types of name generators elements
  • different types of name interpreters elements
  • control the interview sequence with attribute filters
  • collecting relational data
  • different types of questionnaire elements for ego, alter, relations and meta elements
  • separate files for the configuration (template) and the interview data
  • all relations can be displayed and edited in a relation table
  • the network data can be exported as a pajek net file
  • the user can add notes to each network map
  • a new start dialog added
  • a new menu language added: French

VennMaker 1.2.8:

Bug fix:

  • Clicking on the windows close button caused sometimes a save error.

VennMaker 1.2.7:

  • Create new actors directly via the actor table
  • Perform Interview: Items will be display in full screen mode

Bug fix:

  • Perform Interview: directed relations will be displayed as arrows again
  • Perform Interview: name interpretator and matrix: free answer for each actor is now possible
  • Perform Interview: name interpretator and matrix: scroll function implemented

VennMaker 1.2.6:

Bug fix:

  • Import of actors caused an error

VennMaker 1.2.5:

Bug fix:

  • If in an interview sectors were used, then this caused an error.

VennMaker 1.2.4:

Bug fix:

  • Automatic saving at the end of an interview Import of actors with predefined attribute values
  • Backgroundimage will also be saved in the project

VennMaker 1.2.3

Bug fix:

  • cloning a network map with an active filter
  • Compute dialogue contains the correct sector names
  • Wrong direction of the concentric circle labels fixed
  • adding new relational attribute values is now possible
  • Interview configuration: the relation configuration is now loadable
  • symbol size: deleting attribute values is now possible
  • relation thickness and relation dashing: only the values of the selected attribute will be displayed
  • After cloning a network map, the attribute values can be changed via the sectors
  • New feature: the relation group can be renamed

VennMaker 1.2

Bug fix:

  • Increased compatibility with older venn-files
  • Configure-interview could not be performed correctly
  • Interview file could not be loaded
  • Move the network map-tab caused error
  • Mac version was not up to date
  • Changes in the configure dialogue were not accepted in part
  • The removal of all types of attributes led to an error
  • The removal of the default value sign led to an error
  • Sectors have been shown in legend, even if no attribute defined for this
  • Number of different relations are now exported to matrix file
  • Changes in symbol size were not always taken
  • New features: Chinese language support
  • Audio files can be exported
  • Preview of the relation thickness
  • Arrangement of attribute values with drag and drop
  • Attribute values can be displayed in the tooltip
  • Attribute values can be displayed to the actor name